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Heat Saving Systems air curtains are used in many different applications and we have helped numerous clients with every type of building achieve their objectives of maintaining comfortable interior spaces, mitigate temperatures, separate environments, and help increase revenues and lower operating costs

Commercial and Retail Air Curtains

Retail/Commercial – help to maintain ambient temperatures around doorways, keep your customers comfortable while in your place of business, allow for doors to remain open which have been shown to increase revenues

Restaurants or Food Production – increase revenue by capitalizing on available seating where customers may not sit if area is too cold, improve productivity and reduce cold air entry at drive through windows, prevent insect entry, help to maintain oven temperatures if close proximity to exterior doors

Production Facilities – mitigate air transfer through exterior doors, help maintain temperature sensitive processes, separate dusty or high humidity environments

Refrigeration -   lower operating costs by reducing the transfer of conditioned air and icing on the interior of coolers, improve safety conditions and productivity of employees by allowing doors to remain open allowing unimpeded entry and exits

Industrial door air curtains – excellent protection

Industrial door air curtains are designed for use in rooms with a large area – warehouses, plants, shops, hotel halls etc. They create a reliable barrier that protects the interior space from penetration of dust, cold air, insects and water drops from outside. Thus the staff, customers and clients feel quite comfortable in a suitable environment. Heat Saving Systems equipment is considered to be competitive and meet all modern requirements.

Benefits of industrial air curtains

Minimizing the loss of heat allows you to save a great amount of money. The best way to achieve it is to install industrial air curtains in the doorway. Your expenses will be justified in one or two years because the load on the conditioning and heating systems will reduce greatly. Besides, thanks to comfortable environment labour efficiency will increase and the employees’ health will be much better.

Heat Saving Systems offers the best cooperation terms

We focus on mutually beneficial and long term cooperation, that’s why our main goal is satisfying our customers’ demands. We made the purchasing process as easy and quick as possible:

If you need warehouse air curtains of a perfect quality, Heat Saving Systems equipment is the best choice. Please, contact us if you have questions or wish to learn more details about air curtains and sale terms. We’ll be glad to see you among our customers.