Warehouse, Shipping and Dock Doors

Air curtains in warehouses bay or shipping dock doors, whether overhead or roll up, higher output models are required as these doors are typically larger, open frequently, and for extended periods of time, and heat loss through them can be substantial and can often effect the entire building. In addition, if there are production areas near by the fluctuating temperatures can affect those processes and staff as well.  in addition to outside environmental issues these models are also used inside to separate temperature zones or for refrigeration or cooler applications. Heat Saving Systems air curtains are manufactured in a modular design to fit your requirements, for ease of transport and installation, and come complete with motor control and door sensors

  • Warehouse.
  • Production facilities
  • Food production, temperature and/or insect control
  • Refrigeration, walkin coolers


For any type of air curtain application that you are looking for, contact Heat Saving Systems or your local HVAC distributors for details or purchase