Water heated air curtains


Hot water heating is typically one of the most efficient ways of heating buildings, and Heat Saving Systems offers air curtains for pedestrian doors, or larger, with available hot water heating for these types of applications.  These models are connected directly into a loop of the central hot water system and very often become part of the heating system for the building. These models become very economical to use for the long term because the hot water is already available in the building and no additional heat source is required.


  • Help to maintain comfortable interior temperatures
  • Install as retrofit
  • Multifunction control panel standard
  • Thermostat control helps reduce operating costs
  • Provides supplementary heat source.
  • Open doors in retail settings shown increase traffic and revenues
  • Ideal for many applications – retail, commercial, food service, institutional, hotel, offices, etc.


When selecting a unit, it is important to consider the sizing of the model and requirements for the specific application.  We manufacture different models of air curtains and will work with you to find the most suitable for your business.

For any type of air curtain application that you are looking for, contact Heat Saving Systems or your local HVAC distributors with any questions or availability